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Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO) is a local not-for-profit; non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to community development in Kabale District, located in Kigezi Region, southwest Uganda. KIHEFO operates a general Clinic, Dental clinic, HIV/AIDS Clinic, a child Nutrition and Rehabilitation Center, care and supports orphans & vulnerable children. Our services address a diverse array of community needs including medical care, education, economic development, and counseling.
KIHEFO operates a unique community approach. Kihefo team travels to villages bringing community development services to village groups that would otherwise be hard to reach. For latest visit
Kihefo serves people neighboring Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi impenetrable gorilla National Park and the Volcanoe Mountains. Kihefo KIHEFO promotes local initiated solutions to fight disease, ignorance and poverty in southwestern Uganda

  Our approach. KIHEFO believes poverty, ignorance, and disease are interconnected, and therefore, all must be addressed to break the cycle. the key to our bottom-up strategy, is to educate and empower local people so they can contribute towards living a positive, economically productive and sustainable healthy life.

Be part of some thing bigger! - International Volunteers are welcome in Kigezi, Join now!

Do something now! 40%children malnurished in Kigezi!

Some of our Works

Our Newest Projects

KIHEFO provides curative health services; General clinical care, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, Treatment of opportunistic infections, Administration of ARV therapy to HIVAIDS clients, patient therapies . Kihefo takes care of orphaned children, provides Nutritional supplements and conducts regular community outreaches

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KIHEFO recently opened its newest project; the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center. The Center educates mothers about child nutrition and demonstrate how families may provide a nutritional diet in an economical manner. 

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What's New

Globemed starts "give a smile with 10 dollars” campaign 1st Dec 2014
Globemed chapter at Wayne State University Students launch global appeal to raise funds to support the different integrated activities of KIHEFO.

KIHEFO Signs MOU with Mbarara University June 17th 2013

University Students Take Action on Malnutrition
June 10th 2013

TO – the WORLD Celebrates Inaugural Health Mission with KIHEFO
March,19th 2013

Kihefo hosts 2nd Dental brigade health camp in Kigezi region:
February , 18th 2013

International Volunteer - In Her Own Words: “My Month Volunteering with KIHEFO”
March, 18th 2013


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